Streamer of Week



Hi I am a content creator/streamer and mobile esports owner of D2RESPORTS. I create content for the mobile community and the host/shoutcaster for ESLCRITICALOPS. I just started streaming in December on my YouTube channel.

How did you first hear about streaming?

Through my competitive career in gaming

If you had an unlimited budget, what would your dream stream setup look like?

A professional studio to do daily news/segments/streams for the mobile esports community

What is your favorite TV series?

Game of Thrones

What is your advice on not getting tilted on stream?

Problems and technical difficulties will happen, you just have to learn to adapt and always listen to your chat and community.

What kind of playlists do you like while you are streaming?


What gives you motivation to continue streaming?

Interacting with the new fans as well as the old ones who show up to your streams

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